Carlo Montagnino

Carlo Montagnino is a ronin, web developer, cat fancier, shut-down defenceman, annunaki, husband, hunk, zen-satanist, nhl insider, coffee snob, and eater of emotions. #goutlife

Very little about me

For as few hours-per-day as possible, I build highly visible and very important webpages for one of the largest retailers in the United States. When I get home (via my own personal cruise ship) I juggle my time between yard work, the New York Rangers, and making cool webpages for all my cool ideas.

Before I decided to sell you clothing online, I ran a mildly successful website, co-owned a boutique web development firm in my home town of Staten Island, and consulted some of the biggest brands in publishing. I've literally literally (not a typo) worked on every aspect of websites at every level, of all scales, styles, and purposes.

While the things I make are diverse, I'll always find a way to present them online. Lately I've been screwing around with my cracked version of Fruity Loops again, editing an online-available version of The Hagakure, and trying to find an idea for another twitter bot.

If, for whatever reason, you want to contact me, you can find me on twitter, but I'd prefer it if you emailed I'm on AIM during the day, but I'll let you figure out what my handle is.

Things I have made

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