April 6, 2020

Brief notice about this site

Welcome to my website. It’s purpose is to catalog as much of my creative and professional work as I can recall and/or recover. Think of it as an interactive CV.

I’ve done my best to properly date and categorize all the content you’ll find. Brief explanations are being written and rewritten as I go along, and new content I unearth is being posted weekly. When needed, I will offer context into the production of the content.

The content itself, especially the older content, is often crude, naive, or outright offensive. That’s okay. I am interested in documenting my process as well as my output. Who I was in 2007 is not who I am in 2020, nor who I will be in 2033.

In regards to what is posted and what is not posted, I am trying to compile everything in waves. First, it was more recent work available to me on my laptop. Then, is was press clippings and other material I found on Google, then videos. Now I am working on uploading the various one-off web pages I’ve made over the years. I am unsure what is next as there is no plan. This site is a work in progress, and I am figuring out the rules as I go.