June 10, 2004

Cyborg Zombie Watch

Paranoia-induced predictions of a dystopian potential future.

While attending college, I took Intro to Web Design as part of my Publication Design major. For my final, I needed to create a research-based website about the topic of my choosing using Dreamweaver. At this point, I had already been creating websites using (gasp) tables, which was reinforced by this design-focused class.

The topic I chose (as an admittedly paranoid college student) was about the inevitable creation of a cyborg-zombie sub race of humanity due to the rise in nanotechnology. The irony of my profession is that I am deeply anti-technology, and this website was my first real crystallization of these ideas (granted it was researched and written in a handful of late night google rabbit holes).

Modern browsers hate this website, and I have decided to not update it as a record of my awful practices early in my career.