September 4, 2007

Dog and Pony Show – Banner Editions

My final semester of college (Fall 2007) found me as a “co-comic editor” of the College of Staten Island newspaper, The Banner. Chris O. and I quickly assumed the roles of Art Directors, Editors-in-Chief, and whatever else needed to be done. (Mostly due to funding and leadership issues at the time). What we came up with to fill our 2 pages (!!!) was a comedy/entertainment section, the Dog and Pony Show.

The Dog and Pony Show section was a navel-gazing, self-referential exercise in absurdity. Reading each edition hopefully pulls you deeper into the DAPS universe. You’ll meet characters such as the CSI Hot Dog Guy, Matthew Broderick. You’ll learn about the Vitamin Energy drink, and you’ll be privy to a behind the curtain peek at The Banner. A favorite target of ours was the Nursing department (which is actually very good) and the (on-paper) Editor-in-Chief’s crappy political cartoons.

While effectively running the organization for 8 issues, we not only redesigned the paper, we reinvigorated the readership. It was certainly possible to find a copy on campus, but you wouldn’t find piles of it in the garbage any more.

Realizing we liked working together on absurdist content, Chris O. and I decided to bring DAPS the the internet.