September 5, 2003

He-Man Stop Motion Shorts

As part of the then web-focused Cousin Brothers, I created (with help from Mike B, Joe M, and Dave P) two short films surrounding my He-Man (circa 2000) action figures.

The Fall of He-Man

The Fall of He-Man opens with He-Man contemplating his own suicide after his life falls apart for unknown reasons. Merman interrupts and discloses the twisted secrets surrounding He-Man’s troubles… A plot by Skeletor to ruin him and satisfy his own dark interests.

The Passion of the He-Man, The, The

The sequel to the Fall of He-Man centered around the titular character’s fall from grace and eventual “resurrection”. The film boasted an “all-star” cast of dozens of childhood action figures and had a run time of around 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the final footage was lost, however the initial teaser trailer does still exist.