December 13, 2006

How to Create a Spectacle [Hot Dog Day]

For our History of Print Media class, Chris O. and I decided to forego the traditional final thesis, and put our ideas into action. We created a short movie documenting our attempts at creating a spectacle (Based on Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle) on campus.

The video itself was a spectacle, presented in class to a lecture hall full of students and faculty.

Our goal was to have a man in a hot dog suit hand out hot dogs on campus while interacting with various groups of people. We also created a MySpace page for the “CSI Hot Dog Guy” and watched as his friend count rose. We concluded that we are able to create a successful viral marketing campaign using Debord’s principles. Please note, this had nothing to do with the History of Print Media.

This project functioned as the creative impetus of the aptly-named Dog and Pony Show.