December 17, 2017

Jupiter as Trump, or Vice-Versa

Jupiter, whether speaking of the planet or God, is often associated to Donald Trump around the 2016 election.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching and immersing myself in the esoteric ideas that have been formed surrounding Donald Trump and his election in 2016.

I find it interested that the “most liberal” among us (New Agers, etc) seems to believe that Donald Trump is the salvation of mankind, in one way or another. A lot of it involving Jupiter, or as my wife calls it “The Daddy Planet”.

In speaking to people who have a solid grasp on topics like this, Trump’s Presidency is more-often-than-not exemplified with phrases like “Daddy’s Home.” Typifying Trump as a father figure to a nation that has been misbehaving, or needs fatherly guidance after roaming astray.

The idea of Trump as Jupiter (or as some would posit, Jupiter as Trump) inspired me create a digital collage, of what this might look like.

You can download the hi-res or download the source files.